Waikato Business News – testimonials

Waikato Chamber of Commerce has been advertising in Waikato Business News for many years. Our market is the Waikato business community and Waikato Business News has been a great publication to reach this target. The team at Waikato Business News have come to know our organisation well and are able to recommend advertising programmes that fit our needs. If you are a company looking to reach the regional business market, you should consider Waikato Business News.

– Sandra Perry,
chief executive, Waikato Chamber of Commerce

Great people to deal with, very interested in what’s going to work.

– Walter Van Den Engel
Ebbett Holden

I include the Waikato Business News in my marketing mix because it is not your ordinary daily newspaper. It is a publication full of in-depth stories about local business initiatives that Waikato business people read over an extended period. And it’s conveniently distributed to the door or available at key public sites like the airport making it readily available at the right times. To me that means the WBN gives my advertising longer exposure to a very suited target market. One of the great things about the team at WBN is their commitment to my advertising objectives. I can rely on Bev to make sure I never miss an opportunity and I always have time to meet the deadline. They provide real opportunities for editorial too.

- Colleen Evans McGrory
marketing and recruitment manager, Wintec 

At Fosters we are all about building the Waikato community. We find the Waikato Business News provides key local business information that helps us understand our community. WBN reaches our target audience of leading local businesses and organisations, and we can effectively communicate to them what Fosters brings to the Waikato. The WBN team is nimble, easy to deal with and delivers on its promises

- Leonard Gardner
commercial manager, Foster Construction Ltd

Vodafone is proud of its long term association with the WBN. WBN is an optimistic, upbeat publication which looks to connect and highlight the best of the Waikato business community – aspirations which are shared by Vodafone. The focus on the business community allows Vodafone to execute targeted campaigns about how we can improve the productivity of businesses within the region.

- Peter Grant
Vodafone NZ

Each month, Waikato Business News provides a great snapshot of what’s happening in Waikato companies. Readership is high, so that means advertising and/or stories about your business will get noticed by the all-important business audience. For several of my clients, we have tracked their website hits following publication of an advert in the Waikato Business News and we have seen a marked increase in web traffic most times. That is one way we can effectively measure that exposure in this publication has an effect. The editor and account representatives are great to work with and are quick to find a solution for businesses looking to increase their profile in the Waikato region. If you need to reach the Waikato business market, you must consider exposure through the Waikato Business News.

- Heather Claycomb
HMC Communications

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